seashell on the beach


Somewhere between yesterday and forever,

I stand barefoot on this salty shore,

Gazing out at crystal blue waters.

Realizing all that surrounds me,

And all that I am,

Is the life I have been given.

And I smile a little,

Knowing its mine to adore,

Giving pieces of myself to those who wander by.

I want to make this journey through time,

An endless adventure,

Filled with wonderment and joy.

I want the strength to love wholly.

I need the courage to seek my destiny.

I am looking inside myself,

To discover the myriad of colors,

Which will ultimately paint the portrait of my dreams.

I have come from the shadows,

To feel on my tear-stained face,

The sun’s profound and immeasurable light.

Its brilliancy is my own.