Finding Beautiful

From Within… In Others… In the World Around Us

My Portrait

Seek Out the Brilliancy of an Uncommon, Alluring and Captivating Life Journey

Musings and Messages

A variety of short stories and journals that are told over time, revealing the DNA of my mind

Anna Inked

Striving, with Humility

Sharing the thoughts, experiences and understanding that come from a lifelong search for Beautiful

my blog

Pouring Myself Into Unreserved Spaces

I’ve come to understand the value of opening the places that are wedged shut in a futile effort to keep out the harshness of life lessons, and lock away elements of emotions that pierce sensibilities and serenity.

Transforming requires a freedom from the trepidation that anchors oneself to fear and doubt.

Meander your shoreline within, and let yourself be revealed and enraptured. Boldy. Beautifully.

Discover Your Virtuoso

Every person aspires to fulfill a calling, chase a dream or pursue their passion. Tap your courage and confidence to sail uncharted waters. 

My Provocation

Calling upon the courage inside my soul means to dare the passage others have traveled. To seek what is raw and genuine – discovering what makes for a profound and compelling story. I possess an unquenchable thirst to experience the stirring passions within. I hope always to claim an unweathered exuberance, infinite ardor, curious mind and gracious heart.

more to manifest

I’m so very far from full awareness and capability… I must be willing to scrape, bump, and bruise many more times… just to see how far I can go. A myriad of obscure plateaus and poignant moments are yet to be illuminated.