Finding Beautiful

From Within... In Others... In the World Around Us
My Portrait

Pouring Myself Into the Vacant Spaces

I’ve come to understand the value of opening the places that are wedged closed to keep out the harshness of life lessons and the elements of emotions that pierce sensibilities and serenity.

Transforming requires a freedom from the trepidation that anchors oneself to self-doubt. Meander your shoreline within, and let yourself be enraptured. Boldy. Beautifully  


Inside the Core

Strength does not come from physical capacity.  Inspiration does not come from exterior influences.  They are borne from an indomitable will and an unquenchable desire to realize one’s dreams. Our greatest glory comes from the climb after every fall. Be strong and be inspired.

Mindset Matters Most

Be fierce with your ambition, faint with your vanity, fervent with your values, fearless with your pursuits, formidable with your passions and faithful with your bonds

In Life’s Midriff

In Life’s Midriff

My history is littered with remnants of unforgettable encounters.  Briefly written chapters with people who had a moment inside my four walls.  Some simply opened the door and glanced in.  Others seemed interested enough to stay awhile. A few abruptly entered without...



She wandered into my boutique at five minutes before six in the evening on the very day that I had made the fateful, frightening and excruciating painful decision to sell my business and move across the country.  Tapping on her wristwatch she motioned her inquiry as...

Paradise at Mile 0

Paradise at Mile 0

I can understand why a Key West vacationer would feel compelled to depart their established life with its demands, duties, and drudgeries to move to the Florida island without expectations nor a job awaiting them. Having just returned from a week on the six square...

Focus the Lens on All That is Brilliant, Bright and Beautiful

There is only so much time- to see the blossoms in spring, the summer illumination, autumn vivacity, and drifts of winter white. Beauty abounds, time does not.

Take the Risk to Climb the Rainbow

Desire is potent. Inner drive is exhilarating. Suspended only by deep seated doubts in a disquieted mind. One’s fearlessness brings freedom. To thrive is to believe.





Each person has a their own inner dance – not often conventional and rarely audience-worthy. And yet, it is uniquely choreographed and painstakingly practiced.  This stageless virtuosity is a performance of our raw and special parts, and must be magnified in order to find our veritable expression. Pay close attention to the provoking movements inside and amplify them! Turn them up until they no longer fit any common principles.  This will allow you to fully experience your genuine self, talent and contribution. Find your confidence in a rearrangement of what you put out there.  The dance will give you your swagger!


Pictures are sensational and sentimental snapshots of a heartbeat in time. A visual orchestra playing our life in a colorful cadenza. Many times a photo fills the heart with harmony.