Welcome to my aspiring literary virtuoso. My name is Anna. I am a native New Englander transplanted to the sandy shores of Southern California. In my decades of growing, learning, daring, achieving, and failing has come exceptional understanding of true grace and beauty. My desire… to Find Beautiful, wherever it exists, in whatever form, no matter if disguised, damaged or deserted.

Kent Swan

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who does not wear the wounds, nor harbor the heartbreak, of life. I am without bitterness or tragedy… just an enriched existence and gratitude for all that I’ve endeavored and leaped into with vivacity and verve. I’ve grasped tightly to my untainted dreams, never lost to the storms that I have come through.

Along with my unhealthy adoration for the Boston Red Sox, I am in wonderment of the creative, absurd, enlightened aspects of life. And nature… with its immense and breath-taking forces… is ever inspiring. I am awed by, and appreciative of, people whose spirit is free, their confidence quiet, and their approach to life unique. I admire those who live their passion and share their uniquely-defined vision.

To pursue and persevere… whether in a craft or in a career. I believe to be driven is to be truly alive.

Some characteristics I’m lacking entirely. Stylish (I’m just not into the whole “image” thing), subtle (I pretty much come on like a train wreck), self-absorbed (although there is a lot I do absorb), saint-like (admittedly, I can be a little mischievous), standoffish (when standing, I’m more inish than offish), and finally seasonal (you’ll find me to be quite entertaining year around!).

My stories will reveal more about my raw and reckless, curious and questionable qualities. My quest is this…

Finding Beautiful.

In oneself, in people, and in life.

In art, nature, and animals.

Living Beautiful.

Through actions and intent.

Through a perseverance to be kind and to be genuine.

Through an unsealed heart and a humbled pride.

By seeking understanding and insight, and illuminating one’s soul.

Beautiful is the arch of the rainbow and the swell of the sea. It is as simple as a smile, and as daunting as letting go gracefully.

I am eager to explore the beautiful in others. I want to tell your story of Finding Beautiful. If you have not written your story, I’m ready to ink it.

This website will be a universal voice… with inspiration, poignant lessons, comedic moments, and heartfelt journeys… revealing the true essence of life.