small black n white doctors operating with mask


Like the rest of the global population, I feel the intense anguish and isolation from the global pandemic. While the world feels as though the sphere has come off it’s axis, we must reflect on life’s beauty and the rapture of love and laughter. I created a video to capture this extraordinary time, which is marked by deep sadness and equally by immeasurable hope and appreciation for the intangible gifts in humanity and in one’s heart.

View my video here:

In An Instant


seashell on the beach


Somewhere between yesterday and forever,

I stand barefoot on this salty shore,

Gazing out at crystal blue waters.

Realizing all that surrounds me,

And all that I am,

Is the life I have been given.

And I smile a little,

Knowing its mine to adore,

Giving pieces of myself to those who wander by.

I want to make this journey through time,

An endless adventure,

Filled with wonderment and joy.

I want the strength to love wholly.

I need the courage to seek my destiny.

I am looking inside myself,

To discover the myriad of colors,

Which will ultimately paint the portrait of my dreams.

I have come from the shadows,

To feel on my tear-stained face,

The sun’s profound and immeasurable light.

Its brilliancy is my own.