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I agree that self-confidence is a must-have component to achieving exceptional milestones in life. I see it quite differently when considering the actual fuel that takes us to achieve those sought after great heights.

Self-confidence does not contain octane. Being afraid – as you make your way out onto an untried ledge – does.

A Hollywood director may be lauded for his powerful piece of cinematic art, and yet he reaches that enviable height of success with the same doubts, fears, and anxieties that many face when they, too, endeavor their passion.

I don’t think it is necessary, or even wise, to be bloated with self-confidence when you blaze the trail. In dubiousness, there is an incitement within the soul to overcome the obstacles. Possessing an incertitude is to reach levels of creativity and capability that we had not dared to go before.

When I look at my momentous leaps and my most treasured achievements, each one was accomplished with a large dose of apprehension and diffidence. My self-confidence was not lacking. It was merely tested and obscured by strong doubts that tormented my spirit and challenged my passion. My pride is not from an abundance of confidence, but instead from my ability to conquer the distrust I have of my own strength. 

I would regret approaching anything so sure and convinced of myself that I fail to embrace the potential lessons, understanding, and insight offered by others with their own valuable wisdom and experience. A profusion of self-confidence would disallow others from improving me, thus restricting the emergence of my true assets. 

That’s the key. Permitting others to add to your wealth. By presenting ourselves as completely assured in our course of action, we literally snatch the deposit slips out of the hands of potential investors.