red poppy in white flower field


In my mid-twenties, when falling in love was still irresistibly frosted and angelic, I scribbled on paper several of my odd and idiosyncratic tendencies to give ‘him’ (whoever ‘he’ was) a better understanding of my strangeness. 

I found the list, over a dozen years later, and I was utterly staggered by what I read.

  • I like to talk to inanimate objects
  • I have an odd affection for my car
  • My nose bleeds at the slightest whiff of trouble
  • I sleep with a teddy bear
  • I have an aversion for underwear, but adore socks
  • I squeeze the toothpaste tube all over the place
  • I cry. Whenever.
  • I have an enduring, intense love affair with water
  • I’m a tad neat (that’s my version of it, don’t ask me to acknowledge its dogmatic nature)
  • I easily and readily amuse myself
  • I’m obsessed with growing anything green (of legal status, of course) but somehow unintentionally torture and kill nearly all things originating from a seed
  • My spirit is reflected in a butterfly in flight
  • My heart is found at sea
  • I giggle when it’s inappropriate
  • I need more attention than most… and willingly whine for it
  • Music moves me… dancing is the best drug ever
  • I get excited over the littlest of things
  • Nothing affects me lightly- emotions run through me like molasses
  • I have an unhealthy adoration for the Boston Red Sox (and Fenway Park), seagulls, pine trees, the dunes of Plum Island, sailboats and fishermen wearing tall pea-green rubber boots, whale watching, trains, bagels, buttercup flowers, cross country skiing, lazy Sundays, a good margarita, an endless kiss, and the ever-inspiring ocean
  • I don’t care what anyone says or what history proves… I believe in love everlasting, unconditional (no ameliorate required), and the faith that two people can be in love (with each other, in case that was unclear) for a lifetime
  • Lastly, I possess an unquenchable thirst to experience my passions.

I realize, these many years later that I allowed too much of that to be put aside… or more accurately, put away. Veiled. Somewhere along the way, I let myself settle into a mediocrity, which was notably void of my quirks, my insanity… absent of my vibrant spirit and my true essence.

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