Often I look around and see that most people have found their place. There seems to be an innate knowledge that their world is exactly as it should be. I marvel at those who seem to have figured it out so effortlessly. Their choices are purposeful and potent. They gel into the meaning of their existence.


I’ve come to understand that I’m not cut of the same cloth. I’m not meant to be conventional and invulnerable. I am indeed eternally searching. And, in that state of being, there is risk, hazards, and incertitude. There is also an extraordinary expedition of people, places, and beauty. There is discovery that remains my driving desire.


Change for me has been a seeming lifestyle. Evidenced by my unsettled, vagabond soul. A wandering, curious mind steered by unquenchable passions and daunting dreams.


My one harnessed truth is that I’m still on a path to “Finding Beautiful”.


Colorful flowers with message