Tower eagle soar high,
September day, burning blue sky.
Symbols of silent might,
Swindled from insipid sight.

Don’t leave, Mr. Fireman
Me amongst the pain.
Be wary, Mr. Officer
The coming steel rain.

Brave man arms
Clutching lost soul.
From ruins still beats
Our heart, hero stole.

Baby cries, papa please
Mother mourns her son.
Unfinished life, lamenting
All that is vacant, undone.

Moment malediction
City struggles to believe.
Tainted and tortured
Too villainous to conceive.

Tears do not capture
Pain seared to our soul.
Loss does not alter
Days dark after glow.

Unwitting meaning
Eclipsed by reason.
Understanding is time measured
Like passing of a season.

Voice in the shadow
Breath lost in the ash.
Invisible hand still carries
Hope, never to dash.

Patriot faces
Wild west intent.
A purpose now founded
In the message then sent.

Of love everlasting
Peace in our land.
Freedom borne spirit
Defining and grand.

Sunset reflection
Casting rays upon our pride.
Sunrise silhouette
Lasting grace, a turning tide.

Allegiance in the echo
Winged prowess takes flight.
Enduring darkness remembered
We live the eternal light.

Inspired by September 11, 2001