Upon waking and thoughts of breakfast, a dizzy exhilaration permeates my being.

The day is new, the hunger is fresh, and the anticipation is colossal.

Granola topped with blueberries and walnuts, all drenched in milk.

No rationale for the pleasure it brings, or why other tasty foods pale to compare.

Nor can I give cause or reason to my utter delight in hiking. Taking in the promenade view of nature with a friend by my side. Being on a scenic trail, adorned in a pervading dust, illuminates my inner pioneer.

Explanation is never required, nor sought, when it comes to the raptures of life. Just as music should not be classified, one’s true treasures should be left uncounted.

Whether a creature of habit or curiously seeking new experiences, we crave delicious moments.
Some moments come once in a lifetime, while others are woven into our days like an echoing elation.
Scripted or unforeseen, planned or sudden, singular or shared, imaginative or simple, every moment is uniquely designed.

People are often the architect, co-conspirator, or by-stander to these noteworthy moments. Many moments of happiness are gratifying not for the event itself, but more for the familiar faces in the snapshot.

What we recall of past moments is worth cherishing, but what we do with the next moment matters most.
In this holiday season, make special moments happen. In love. In laughter. In spirited fun. In listening. In giving. In sharing.

Capture the sights and sounds… let them sink in and settle among your life’s storied chapters.
Be a bit frivolous, foolish and flighty! Stability, for a day, can be safely departed.

Wishing the beautiful people in this world a capricious holiday, topped with blueberries and walnuts.